‘On the road to Paris’ – Milañ Loeak

‘On the road to Paris’ – Milañ Loeak Republic of the Marshall Islands #cop21 #pasifikaindigenousnetwork

Milañ Loeak speaking at a divestment protest against the ANZ in Auckland. She is a part of the Pasifika Indigenous Network which will join climate change activists in Paris at Cop21

Where are you from, who are you representing, and why are you passionate about climate change in the Pacific ?

I represent my people of the Marshalls and share a voice for others across the Pacific and the rest of the world who struggle with impacts of climate change. My passion for climate action is stemmed from the love I have for my family, my fellow Marshallese people, our islands and our culture.

What are you expecting from the climate change negotiations in Paris year?

Ideally, I would like to see a positive outcome agreement for our people and for those whose lives have also been impacted from the effects of climate change. At this point, my focus is on helping to ensure that we do everything within our power to create a strong voice in Paris and continue this resilience well beyond COP21.

How do you think people can best support the Pacific and our fight against climate change?

  • Reduce carbon emissions at all levels
  • Transition into and invest in renewable energies
  • Continue to create strong climate action movements
  • Continue to lobby and advocate for the rights of those victimized by impacts of climate change
  • Increase support to developing nations
  • Utilize social media and other mediums to inform, involve and mobilize
  • Share our stories

Any final words of encouragement and inspiration you would like to share, with pacific peoples facing the frontline impacts of climate change?

Continue to tell your stories. Do not give up because we are with you and we stand with you in solidarity. And most importantly, share your stories with the children. Teach them. Educate them. People say we need to create a better world for our children, but I believe we should be creating better children for the world that God has already blessed us with. Through our children, we will see the fruition of our work.